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(Andrea) Reiser Perkins is a human who writes words and composes musics under various aliases. A former art critic for Egypt Today in Cairo and staff writer for Metro newspapers in Santa Cruz, she also reported briefly for KCPW, the NPR affiliate in her home town of Salt Lake City. Currently, she lives with a husband and some goats on a volcanic island in the Pacific. It is from this rocky outcropping that she runs the independent publishing operation known only as Otis Nebula. Her musical works have appeared in productions by Poetry Scores, an international arts collective based in St. Louis that builds community by translating poetry into other languages and media. Pushcart nominated poems, fictions, and other ephemera have appeared in Tin House, Hobart, Sugar House Review, glittermob, New West, and elsewhere. She is the author of a collection of poems called How To Dance While Dying (Dancing Girl Press, 2016). Past awards include an Allied Arts grant to study flamenco in Andalucia and 2nd Place in the American Film Institute’s annual student film contest. She does the Instagram and the facebook.